Various Artists // Valentines Beats

It was Valentines Yesterday, and for some reason the Soundcloud Community bless’ us with free downloads and releases to showcase what the Artists have in store for the us or just put out something for fun. Here is a list of beats from the internet.

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Get to know Mellow Grime



Mellow Grime first came to my attention through Kwollem’s remix of Skepta’s Bad boy and his subsequent mixtape. Less than a year later the movement is growing and this takeover showcases the scene as it is today. Make sure you check out more artists from this collective, definitely worth your while.

More from Covco: @covco  | More from KwolleM: @kwollem | More from Rayf: @079rayf

Boiler Room Rewind 2015: Grime and Road Rap


Boiler Room have shared their Rewind compilation as we enter the new year with Grime on an all time high. With no sign of slowing down from the past year where we have seen the genre, the culture and lifestyle enter the global stage. Boiler Room have compiled the highlights of the last year that have dominated our ears in the UK and further afield. Co-signs from Kanye and Drake made the headlines, however it was the constant flow of quality music that made moves.


Boiler Room